First Meeting for 2012

Today we had our first meeting for the year 2012, or the Year of the Water Dragon if you are into Chinese astrology.

Our members embraced the year of change and discussed a new look and direction for our group. We voted on a new name, from NewMait Writers to Hunter Romance Writers. We also worked on a formal structure; such as –

*   A membership form to be completed together with a set fee per attendance. The fee will be split between the cost of hiring our meeting room and a ‘kitty’ for the group.

*   Meeting time has been set as : 9.30am (please note that due to distance we are aware some members will be late) and 1.30pm (at the latest). Lunch break will be discussed at each meeting and will depend upon members’ commitments on that day.

*   Our e-loop is to be utilised more often between meetings. If anyone has a query, requires help or has info or links to provide, please post to the loop and someone will respond.

*   Members will be encouraged to become accountable for achievement of goals (and non-achievement). The ‘carrot and the stick’ options were discussed and it has been decided that each month one member will be picked from those who have achieved their goals for the month & rewarded.

*   Discussions were held on various topics for workshops and seminars to be arranged for this year with:   A life coach/motivator; a police detective, Conflict gurus and Grammar gurus.

*   For 2012, our group will focus on helping each member achieve their writing goals. We will be doing sessions on brainstorming, problem/plot solving, technical issues and critiquing each other’s work.

Two of our very experienced published authors have  generously offered to critique members’ works (subject, of course, to their workload / deadlines). A very appreciative thankyou going out to Deborah Challinor and Erica Hayes.

To our members who have yet to send in bios and website / blog addresses etc,  please do so when you have the time.

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 18th February and we hope to see you all there. In the meantime…write!

Thank you to all members who attended and who helped to make this first meeting a productive and proactive one.

from Sandie & Suz


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