Next Meeting : Saturday 17th March 2012

Our previous meeting on Saturday,  18th February, was great with an informative, interactive and fab workshop given by our member, Deb Challinor. Thank you Deb for a great session.

All members worked hard with the majority achieving their writing goals for the month. Well done, everyone. But there were a couple who wore the ‘naughty’ hat for failing to achieve  goals (shall name no names – lol).

Our next meeting will be held on Saturday 17th March 2012. Same place / same time.

Sandie has detailed a fab agenda :

* Short warm up chat

* Goal reviews

* Set new goals

* Writing exercise – courtesy of our member, Erin O’Hara.

* Mary de – Heroine interview

* Chat about Deb’s info sheets

* Problem solving session. Help anyone with problems they are having re: WIP/synopsis/query letters etc.

* Discussion on websites versus blogs.

* Discussion on agents or publishers? What they expect in a submission etc?

* A quick discussion on the conference & what everyone is doing.

So bring your wip, any problems, queries, writing craft info etc and we look forward to seeing everyone this weekend. Have a great week & take care.

Sandie & Suzanne


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