Next Meeting 21st April 2012

Last month’s meeting on the 17th March 2012 proved both entertaining and informative.

After our normal short warm up chat we moved onto reviewing our goals and setting new goals for this month. Of course there were a few of us that didn’t quite make our goals last month and had to wear the ‘naughty hat’ again. (Sandie hangs her head in shame again). On the flip side we had the high achievers who reached their goals and received incentive bags to do the same this month. Well done Mary de, Simone and Kerrie.

Erin O’Hara came prepared with a great writing exercise for us all, thank you Erin.

Mary de, entertained us with her Heroine’s interview, before we moved onto a discussion on websites versus blogs.

As always we finished the meeting with lunch at the ‘Reader’s Café’. Our next meeting is Saturday 21st April from 9.30/10am to 12.30pm at the East Maitland Library as usual.

This month’s agenda:-

Hunter Romance Writers Agenda ~ 21st April 2012

  1. Chat: –
    1. Catch up on latest news from everyone
    2. Intro from any new members
    3. Goals who succeed and who didn’t
    4. Set new goals.
  2. Writing exercise – Mary
  3. Simone’s Office plot discussion
  4. Open discussion on who needs help
  5. Brainstorming session
  6. Discussion on when to have chat with Mary’s brother-in-law
  7. What we need to bring next month for collage exercise

Don’t forget to bring your current WIP, any problem you may be having with your writing and enthusiasm to reach your goals. See you on Saturday.


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