Publishing News

Today we are extending our congratulations to our ‘out-of-town’ member, Erica Hayes for the following fantastic achievements.

On 28 August 2012, Erica released her first self-published book, a sexy vampire romance novella, Hunter’s Blood. It is available from Amazon.

The first book in the Seven Signs series, is available for pre-order now. Revelation is a dark apocalyptic urban-fantasy romance published by Berkley Sensation. You can check out more information about the series here : It sounds fabulous and is due for release on 2 October 2012.

Erica’s book, Blood Cursed, was one of the finallists in the fourth annual Australian Romance Readers Awards (ARRA) for 2011 under the category of Favourite Sci Fi, Fantasy or Futuristic Romance, announced on 11 February 2012, at Cello’s Restaurant, Castlereagh Hotel, Sydney. Her books have also finalled in the 2010 and 2009 ARRA awards.

Congratulations, Erica.


One thought on “Publishing News

  1. Wow that looks great Erica. Congratulations on the release.
    And to think I thought you were lurking around those old castles rusticating. 🙂 Can’t wait for the arrival of revelations, this will keep me until it is released.
    Cheers Mary

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