Next Meeting : Saturday 15th September

Hello everyone, hope to see as many smiling faces as possible at our next meeting this coming Saturday. Don’t forget, for any who have not already done so, sign up as followers to our blog and any posts will come directly to your email / inbox.

Agenda :

* Chat & catch up

* Goals

* Discussion re membership numbers

* Looking to next year :         (a) start & finish time;  (b) possibility of changing fees – our reasoning will be explained at meeting, we have a couple of exciting suggestions to put to members.

* Discussion on possible in-house workshops :         (a) social media & increasing members web presence;  (b) Novel Covers (photoshop);  (c) IT – websites

* Status reports on short stories for proposed anthology series. We will need reasonably firm numbers of who wish to participate and author names.

* Discussion & status reports on what we need to do & where we are all up to in relation to our Self-E Publishing Workshop to be held 3rd November :        (a) Blurbs;  (b) author bios;  (c) contributors for the 1k stories (both Sandie & Suzanne have ones, anyone else?)

* If time permits, a writing exercise – to be a surprise

* Brainstorming : – please bring in your piece / scene etc etc.

* Also, if anyone wants to do any character interviews in the next forthcoming meetings, please put your hand up & we will schedule you in.

* Any other items for discussion, please do not hesitate to raise at our meeting.

Kez, SuzB and Deb and any others who are unable to attend, we will send advice re outcomes of our meeting via our email loop.

Take care everyone & see you soon. Thanks, from Sandie & Suzanne


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