Meeting MarianneTheresa

Hello to all the happy bloggers/readers/writers and general people of the public world.

MT (that’s me),  writes Erotic Romance and have done for several years. But I am happy to announce that my very first Short Erotic Romance Story, HIDDEN PASSIONS  is going to be published by Momentum who are the digital imprint of Pan Macmillan books Australia.

YAY…  HIDDEN PASSIONS is due for release:  1st  January 2013… and I am taking that as a good OMEN 🙂

I am,  (along with my writing colleague at HRW, SE Gilchrist), very fortunate to have been accepted by Momentum with a group of authors who are going to be published under the title Hot-Downunder.  The group is made up of seasoned published authors and new ones. The variety of sub-genre is as diverse as the stories themselves.

Ranging from Contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Paranormal, Menage’,  Futuristic and Virtual reality. So as long as you enjoy a good spicy read then there should be something for every one.

The first 5 are to be released very soon. 1st November.

Image    I you would like to contact me be my guest.

Here is the lovely cover for my short story.

I will certainly keep you posted on up coming events and other exciting news as they come to hand.


2 thoughts on “Meeting MarianneTheresa

    • Sorry for raining on your POST parade SUZ.

      I’ve worked all day doing the post. (had to redesign a whole new blog site)

      Then when I followed the links to schedule the post for about Wed/Thursday to give yours some air time… and it didn’t do anything Sandie told me to do.

      But thank you for the comment. I’m hoping yours will soon follow mine. Can’t wait to see them all.

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