Self-ePublishing Workshop

Hunter Romance Writers’ Self-ePublishing Workshop presented by Cathleen Ross was held on Saturday. Our members enjoyed an interesting and informative day, leaving many of us with our heads reeling from what had learnt during the day.

Cathleen covered a range of topics from the basics of starting and moving into the business side of the business and all the areas in between.

HRW would like to thank Cathleen for a wonderful workshop and day, RWAustralia for the grant that help us be able to run the workshop for our members. Thank you to Maryde for giving Cathleen accommodation over the weekend. Finally a very big thank you to S.E Gilchrist (Suzanne), who without all her hard work in getting this off the ground by asking Cathleen to do our workshop and for lodging the grant application with RWAustralia we would still be in the dark about self-ePublishing.


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