Release Day – Marianne Theresa

Congratulations to our member, Marianne Theresa for her first writing contract.

Hidden Passions is published by Momentum Publishing and is available from 1st January 2013. The original release date of 15th January as been brought forward and my sincere apologies MT for missing this. I am sure this will be the first of many from such a gifted writer.

Hidden_Passions_Marianne_Theresa FINAL COVER


When a guy falls in love with a mate’s girl, there is only one thing he can do … leave town.

When Chad Whittaker receives a frantic call for help from the woman he loves he’s on the next plane home to Sydney.

But will he get there in time?

Cally Foster just kicked her boyfriend’s no-good, lying, cheating ass out of her apartment and her life. That’s what a girl gets when she falls for the wrong guy.

So why does she feel so desolate? Shouldn’t she be on top of the world?

Not when her fickle heart is crying out for another man she loved all along and may never see again.

Available from Amazon, other e-sellers to follow. Hope it sells squillions.


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