New Release – Te’a Cooper

Wow, another release by our prolific member, Te’a Cooper. On 6th May 2013, Lily’s Leap was published by Lyrical Press. Congratulations Te’a!

Lily's Leap 

BLURB: Born into the privileged society of the squattocracy, Lilibeth Dungarven finds herself married, widowed and back under her father’s thumb all before her 21st birthday – a position this feisty and independent young woman fiercely resents. When she finally persuades her father to let her accompany a shipment of horses to Sydney, with the added promise of her stallion winning at the Windsor races she believes that her life is finally on the right track. That is until she is bailed up by a band of bushrangers who are intent on stealing her horses and holding her to ransom – a ransom her father is not prepared to pay.


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