Branding Your Name in the Writing World.


Branding your Name is a great idea. And it works. We all know who & what the *yellow Pages * represent, when we see the *Golden M* – the hungries hit the belly, and that blue cross on a white sign post by the road side,  is a dead giveaway.

… So what is all this Branding about?

An author is known for writing suspense thrillers, with romantic elements, his/her readers know when they pick up the next book, they will be expecting similar content in that book. Different story, characters & place setting of course, BUT the theme will still be the same. There are few to No surprises.

Then one day that reader picks up a book from their favourite author and the blurb indicates this story is N/A – New Adult – set in another world and the story has a definite Romantic theme about it.

MY QUESTION: Is that reader going to be confused, curious & adventurous or horrified and put the book down and walk away, shattered and emotionally scarred for the rest of his/hers reading life because one of their favourite Authors TURNED on them?

I don’t have that answer because we are all different.

BUT what I have found is readers who enjoy Sweet – will mostly stay with Sweet. Readers who like Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Futuristic love that genre, Vampire/Zombies/Paranormal (I know I have grouped a few sub-genres in here, but mostly they will stick together), these readers love the unspeakable world of the undead.  OH here’s one – the die-hard Regency readers, Don’t ever try to cross them. <giggle>

With the on-slaught of Social Media and getting your NAME out there, has come a lot of interesting information, suggestions and deep Points Of View about Branding your style of Writing. We’re all being warned about how detrimental to your writing career it could be if you write one kind of book then you decide to write something completely different and it wasn’t quite what your readers were expecting.

Which is all fine and dandy IF that is the path your writing muse & career, sends you.

MY QUESTION: So how does that work for an author when they CROSS the Genres?

Most writers have chosen a distinct genre to write, Historical, Suspense/Thriller, Paranormal, Contemporary, Woman’s Fiction, Regency, Young Adult, Erotica, New Adult and the list goes on and on.

What happens to the writers whose muse takes them on several adventures that are scattered along the writing spectrum.

I happen to be one of those writers!

I write First and Formerly Romance. It’s All about her- all about him – All about Love.

The  next pre-requisite is all my stories will have a spicy//hot/sexy theme, meaning they are definitely NOT SWEET! From there they explode into many sub-genres – Historical, Adventure, Futuristic, Fantasy, Contemporary, Paranormal to name some of the MS’s in my WIP at the moment.

With all this extra effort an author must put into his/hers promotion on all the Social Networking, I’m thinking how impractical and almost impossible it would be for that 1 writer to have 6 Face book names, 6 Twitter accounts, 6 E-mail accounts, etc etc …. no matter how much you pay your PR manager (hahha) eventually even your readers would be confused!

The fact is as readers we are NOT that DUMB  ….. We know who the writer is …that So-n-so is writing as So-n-so and so-n-so. Should it be more of an issue with branding that a writer makes sure his/her readers/purchasers are aware, knows and UNDERSTANDS that this author does write other sub-genres/titles that are distinctively different to what they may be used to? Then they can then make an informed choice about what they buy?


Can an author successfully write what he/she knows under one or at the most – perhaps two names,  as long as they make certain their readers know what is inside the cover, and how & where to find their books, so there aren’t any nasty little surprises.

I’d like to thank some of my favourite authors who do write successfully across several genres for giving me the a wide choice of reading experiences. And if you do write under a Pseudonym, letting me know where to find you  😉

Well here’s where you can find me at the moment:

Maryde W/A Marianne Theresa:

Hidden Passions by Marianne Theresa


11 thoughts on “Branding Your Name in the Writing World.

  1. Great questions and great answers! I think that when writers publish books across genre there is still something in the tone/writing style that keeps readers loyal. I love the Nora Roberts’ J.D. Robb books for example.

  2. Hi Stace,
    Oh I was hoping you might hahahah
    I know it’s a whole lot easier when your muse/calling has said *this is what you’ll write* full stop, but for *out of the box* writers like me I find it really hard to HAVE to separate my writing muse.

  3. Hello Alison,
    Thanks for your comment. I agree, the overall tone of a writer’s voice is what keeps me going back. I don’t mind if they write from YA – Dark Urban Fantasy.
    For me I may write a little more (OK -mostly lot more) on the explicit side of spicy romance, but that’s really across the board. whether it be contemporary/Historical/ Fantasy etc, and I think that is what’s Important for my readers to know.
    Thanks for dropping in 🙂

  4. Hi, Mary. You have made some very good points. I’m one of those readers who love Regency Romances above all else. But, I like and read paranormal, suspense, fantasy, contemporary etc. Once I find an author I like, I will read everything they’ve written. As to my own writing, I’m in the same boat as you. I write sensual romance, whether it’s suspense, fantasy or comedy. I only write under one pseudonym. If I ever decide to write a children’s book than I will use a different name. As to the others? Hopefully the cover, title and blurb on the back are enough to show them what genre it is.

  5. This is an excellent article, Mary. Very thought provoking. And it is a bit of a tough one, but like you, I think if you like an author’s voice then you will read their other stories, but I think it does help if the authors make it known if they’ve written and/or are writing in other genres.

  6. This is exactly the puzzle I am trying to solve at the moment. I have written several genres and was at a loss what tagline I could use. However, when I really looked at the core values of my novels I discovered there was a common thread – love in its many types.
    So maybe dig a bit deeper.
    Good luck.

    • Thanks for dropping by Mandy.
      I am hoping it may be a little easier for us writers of *The-Many-Sub-Genre* with more and more readers venturing into a plethora of books these days. I mean it is acceptable to Mash & Blend the genres as well as push the boundaries.
      I wonder if the need to write in a wide variety also extends from our LOVE of reading in many different Genres.
      I like your thought about what is core to your overall work.
      My tag line is:
      All About her-All About Him- All about Love.
      Because that sums up my passion for what I do.

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