New Release – S.E Gilchrist

SuzOne of our founding members S.E. Gilchrist has a new indy published novel out ‘Dance in the Outback‘. DITO is the first contemporary romance S.E. has published, I’m sure there will be many to follow. Congratulation S.E.


Years ago Melanie Black was rescued from a burning house by her best mate, a fellow foster child. When he begs for help to save his marriage, she can’t refuse and finds herself on a cattle station supervising his children.
Dirk Tanner can’t believe his eyes when his brother-in-law’s ‘friend’ alights from the plane. He recognises her as the do-gooder who gave his ex-wife advice on ‘living her own life’. No way will he allow Melanie to meddle in his sister’s affairs too.
A near brush with death reveals their true feelings for one another. But to achieve her childhood dream of love and belonging, she has to face her worst nightmare.

You can purchase Dance in the Outback from any of these locations:

Amazon US

Amazon UK



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