Ripping Start Results!

CONGRATULATIONS to our own HRWriter Member  Kerrie Ptolemy

Ripping Start Results!Welcome to 2014 on the RWA blog!  We thought we’d rip into the new year with some good news – the results of the Ripping Start contest.But first, we’d like to thank Clare Forster from Curtis Brown for being the final judge for this contest and, as always, our RWA volunteers, without whom our contest season couldn’t run.  In particular, for this contest, thanks to Sandra Harris, Leisl Leighton, Margaret Midwood and all our volunteer judges.

And now the results! Drumroll please…

In first place: Victoria Steele

Second: Kerrie Ptolemy

Third: Jo McAlister

Equal Fourth: Elvina Payet

Equal Fourth: Cassandra Pennington

Sixth: Sarma Burdeu

Seventh: Jennifer Ensor

Heartiest congratulations to all the place-getters and best of luck with your stories!

via Ripping Start Results!.


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