S.E Gilchrist’s First Author Talk

S.E GilchristI had the great privilege  of attending our member S.E Gilchrist’s first author talk last night at Signleton Library. In the company of Michelle Douglas and Kaz Delaney. S.E delivered an interesting and entertaining talk on her latest novel  ‘Star Pirate’s Justice’. S.E kept the audience S.E Gilchrist, Kaz Delaney, Michelle Douglas 2captivated with the excerpt she read from her novel.

A wonderful night was had by all. A big thank you to the staff at Signleton Library for their hospitality.


4 thoughts on “S.E Gilchrist’s First Author Talk

  1. Thank you for this Sandie – it was indeed a fabbo night. I LOVE Singleton people, they’re always so welcoming and friendly, and this event just strengthened my belief. The Singleton Library staff were fabulous – Rob Stewart and his team totally rock! I could have picked up that audience and taken them all home – you ladies included! In fact by the time I arrived back in Newcastle, some of them were already there – well, via email anyway. 😉 I’ve had a flurry of lovely emails that have kept the warm feeling alive which is such a gift.

    S.E – you were a trouper. No one would have guessed it was your first author appearance if you hadn’t told them. Well done! It was so great to be there with such special ladies as yourself and Michelle – and that just added the icing on the very luscious cake.

    And Sandie? You’re a gorgeous little pixie jumping in to help us all; your heart is indeed way bigger than you are. ❤

    Beautiful night, beautiful company. Thank you all! xxx

  2. Thanks for the shoutout. Seriously, I don’t feel I would have been quite as ‘calm’ if I hadn’t had some trusty writing side-kicks and awesome friends with me. Thanks Erin, Sandie & Ann for giving me your support. Thanks also to the amazing HRW group for their well wishes. As always you guys rock. It was a good night & I’m also very thankful I was up there with the lovely Kaz Delaney & Michelle Douglas – two very kind and talented writers.

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