Beating Writer’s Block

Posted on behalf of Ann B Harrison

One of the things I get most asked about is writers block.

If you know me, you’ll know I don’t believe in it. My thinking is this, your mind works 24/7 and even when you think you can’t think of anything, you already are.

Some days I hate what my brain comes up with and I could easily say I have writers block. Not so, things are just not going my way and I accept that now. It was an interview with romance queen Nora Roberts that changed my way of thinking. When asked how she deals with writer’s block, she truly seems to find the concept baffling — she has more ideas for stories in her head than she could ever write in one lifetime.

My favorite quote of hers is “You can fix a bad page but you can’t fix a blank page.” Wise words from someone that writes every single day.

So when I struggle with words not going the way I want them to, I tap them out one at a time and keep going until it gets easier. Some days it doesn’t. When I look back I can either love what I dragged out or I can cut it. Easy. But the point is, I kept at it. I didn’t let it tear me away from my computer crying over losing my muse. She was always there, just waiting for me to fight for what I wanted.

I found this while I was writing this post and thought you might enjoy it.

How do you cope when you think your muse has left you in the lurch?


3 thoughts on “Beating Writer’s Block

  1. I love that Chuck Wendig post. Good reminder Ann – I’ve been trying to write every day and dragging my screaming, kicking inner child along with me. I don’t always win, but it’s getting there.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Great post – I agree, keep tapping away works for me. Although sometimes I do write on a yellow post-it the main conflict in the scene and can usually go from there. Sometimes,the hardest thing to do, is getting to the chair to tap away.

  3. Sometimes I listen to it, sometimes its a sign I need to step away from my writing, recharge, do something else that I love. But in the end I always come back to my story. A new technique I’m trialing at the moment, is skipping the bit that’s baulked like a mule inside my head and writing a scene that’s more ‘formed’ inside my mind. So now I’m left with a bit here, a bit there, a chapter or two missing in between. Will let you know what I think of this method when I finish this book

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