Excavating your Emotions in your Writing

I recently read an article on….What will be the 100 most important objects of the next 100 years? For some reason it made me wonder what someone would make of my life should I or rather the remains of my house be excavated in 100 years time. What would these futuristic people make of me? Of how I lived?

SomersbyFalls01They certainly would know nothing of my hopes or my dreams. My grief. My happiness. My despair. My contentment with the little things in life. The beauty I found in nature.

How I worried over my children as I watched them grow and reach adulthood. How I hoped they would find their happiness within themselves as strong and fulfilled adults. How I looked at my bank balance or rather my mortgage and wanted to tear out my hair!

They wouldn’t hear the laughter shared within these walls; or the tears. They wouldn’t know the friends who had filled my life with their love and support. Or the four-legged members of my family with their mischief and companionship.
All that would be left would be a shell. And probably a broken shell at that.
Perhaps remnants of my books would remain and they would shake their heads over the wide variety of my taste in reading. Perhaps they’d stare at the numbers of broken crockery and attempt to piece together my collection of china teacups and saucers. There certainly won’t be an insane shoe collection for my shoe shopping is always kept to the bare minimum. And…what would they think of my love of crime shows and mysteries?
Would they unearth on what will be then, antiquated USB sticks, my notes on unfinished stories, the countless reams of research I’ve saved and filed away – just in case. What will they make of these stories? Will they hear my voice within those words? What if in each book I write and finish, I can capture just a little bit of myself and preserve it for all time?
I never thought before that when I write a story perhaps I’m revealing – me. But when I sat down and considered what I’ve already written I’ve come to the conclusion; yes I do.
In Legend Beyond the Stars I knowingly explored the lengths a race would go to survive; even at the cost of others’ lives. But in that book, the next one, Star Pirate’s Justice and also in my next release, When Stars Collide, I also explored the effects on the survivors. How they reacted at the time. How they coped. How their past shaped their actions in the future. Whether they grew stronger from their experiences or whether it scarred them so badly they gave into despair or the hunger for revenge. WhenStarsCollide_Final-compressed
I guess I like probing at the darkness within a person’s soul, seeing what makes them tick, examining the twists and turns of personality. But in all of my books, there is one common thread; my main characters find either happiness or peace.
And they all learn to hope.
So tell me – what would the people of the future learn about your past? What would you like people to learn or take from your stories?

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6 thoughts on “Excavating your Emotions in your Writing

  1. Wow, Suz, that really makes me think and I agree with everything you said. I’d like to leave something of me behind for future generations. A legacy of my character, who I was, what I believed in and hoped for with my own children. And it’s true there is a little of me in each of my books, whether it’s an experience or my love of adventure or my wacky sense of humour. I love life and want to make the most of it and I think that comes out too. So although our homes may no longer exist, our books might make future generations, laugh, cry, escape or wonder.

    • Funny how your emotions can filter through into your writing. I wrote quite a few chapters when I was feeling very angry with the world. It showed. Every character I wrote was ‘not a nice person’. lol. I had a fair bit of re-writing to do.

  2. Great post Suz.
    I think I’d like people in the future to know and realise women have strived, fought, won, loved, laughed, and given everything they have to succeed in this century. For them to realise, and know the struggles we have triumphed over. After all, we are a resilient species. My stories are about such women. There is nothing like a feisty character that stands her ground. Oh and wins, especially the hero. 

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