New Release from Téa Cooper

Back to Blue Gum FlatOur member Téa Cooper has a new release out, ‘Return to Blue Gum Flat’.

Sometimes life in the fast lane veers off track and it’s time to take a break and regroup. After all a few weeks back home won’t change anything…or will it?
Going home wasn’t on the agenda, not part of Maddison Markham’s grand life plan but when the corporate rug is pulled a girl has no other choice.
Never mind it won’t be for long. It better not be. There’s nothing and no one in Blue Gum Flat that Maddison doesn’t know as well as the back of her own hand. She might well die of boredom.
But Blue Gum Flat is nothing like she remembers. New people, new attitudes and even a coffee machine. The old riding stables have been sold too – taken over by a man who looks more as though he belongs in the city than in the country…

Another heart-warming Australian rural romance from the author of The Journey Home and Tree Change.
Get your copy from Amazon now!!

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