New Release ~ Joanie’s Dilemma by Marianne Theresa


This is book twelve in the Bindarra Creek series by HRW member Marianne Theresa. Congratulations Mary.

When you leave the future to fate–anything can happen! 
As far as small town gossip goes, Joanie believes she’s crossed the line. Working out how to pay back her late husband’s gambling debts didn’t include sleeping with her best friend’s cousin on the night of the funeral.
Nash Johnson isn’t the marrying kind, so when he does offer marriage after their one night together, Joanie is suspicious and wants no part in alleviating the man’s guilt. She has to move on with her life and look to the future.
But when a new woman arrives in town, she sets more than a cat among the pigeons. For Joanie, trust takes on a new meaning, but who can she depend on when she feels those close to her have let her down. Can she trust her best friend, can she trust the man who says he loves her?
Then just when she thinks the future is full of promise a surprising complication arises, and nothing prepares her for the life changing consequence she never saw coming.

Joanie’s Dilemma takes place in a small rural/country town in outback Australia. Like many tiny towns, Bindarra Creek is a town on the verge of becoming obsolete, until the government offers a scheme to enrich the township’s coffers, and bring new life back into it’s dying soul.

With the help of 13 authors, this is exactly what this little town need. Love life and romance is once more alive and well in Bindarra Creek.

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