Lee Christine


As a teenager, I had dreams of becoming a singer/songwriter, so my first stories were in songs. When I realized I was never going to write a number one hit, I turned my attention to writing novels. But working and raising a family took up a great deal of my time.

In 2009, I decided to treat my writing as a day job and in 2012 “In Safe Hands” won the Romance Writers of America Silicon Valley Gotcha Contest, The Romance Writers of America Smoky Mountains Laurie Award and the Romance Writer’s of America East Texas Southern Heat Contest for Romantic Suspense. It also picked up a commended in the Romance Writers of New Zealand Clendon Award as well as five top five placings in other contests in Australia and America.

In 2012 “In Safe Hands” was chosen as a launch title for Escape Publishing, Harlequin Enterprises digital first imprint in Australia.

My second novel “In Safe Arms” was released on January 1, 2014, also with Escape Publishing.A companion novel to “In Safe Hands” it can however be read as a standalone.

My novels are sexy, sophisticated and fast paced and very contemporary. I do my best to make sure my story lines are relevant to the modern day, something that could happen to any one of us. I live on Australia’s eastern seaboard, love music with a passion, and play the alto saxophone for fun.

Web Address:  http://leechristine.com.au/

Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/leechristine59?ref_type=bookmark

Twitter: https://twitter.com/leechristine59

In Safe Series

in-safe-hands       In safe arms

10635881_863158657036519_4910570736917563407_n       In Safe Company

A Dangerous Arrangement-Harlequin1920_1920x3022 (1)      shadows-of-the-heart_low-res








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