Linda Charles


Linda always wanted to write. Her reading life began seriously when she joined the local library which soon became a family Friday night ritual. One Friday night the librarian handed her “Gone with the Wind”. After a week of non-stop reading, it left an indelible mark and that’s when her writing life began.

Her mantra became the bigger the drama, the better. Soon her brothers and neighbourhood friends were roped into acting in the many plays she wrote. To ease her brothers’ suffering her parents enrolled her into drama classes.

Her high school years were spent reading in the evenings instead of studying, a novel always close by. Linda now has her own library full of well-worn never to be departed favourites. She loves to read historicals, romantic suspense, family sagas, contemporary romance, women’s fiction and time travel adventures.

Life took over and her writing took a back seat, but never her reading. When she moved to the Hunter Valley from Sydney she decided to take her writing seriously. She joined the Romance Writers of Australia, followed by the Hunter Romance Writers group and found encouragement, learning and friendship.



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