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Living on the sunny east coast of Australia, Marianne  has always been a hopeless romantic. Dreams, with heroes larger than life & heroines searching for true love and HEA’s. Along with the classic novels, encyclopaedias – Art & history books were at the top of her reading list.

The journey to publication is long & eventful & Marianne’s first publication was a short spicy romance published by Momentum in 2013. She enjoys writing across the Romance  genre, but will always have a special passion for Historical novels.

Come and join Marianne Theresa on a writing adventure as she journeys through the  wonderful world of books.


Marianne’s Next book ‘JOANIE’S DILEMMA’ is due out on 28th June 2016

 ‘When you leave the future to fate – anything can happen.’

Joanie's Dilemma MT


As far as small town gossip goes, Joanie believes she’s crossed the line. Working out how to pay back her late husband’s gambling debts didn’t include sleeping with her best friend’s cousin on the night of the funeral.

Nash Johnson isn’t the marrying kind, so when he does offer marriage after their one night together, Joanie is suspicious and wants no part in alleviating the man’s guilt. She has to move on with her life and look to the future.

But when a new woman arrives in town, she sets more than a cat among the pigeons. For Joanie, trust takes on a new meaning, but who can she depend on when she feels those close to her have let her down. Can she trust her best friend, can she trust the man who says he loves her?

Just when she thinks the future is full of promise a tiny complication arises, and nothing  prepares her for the life changing consequence she never saw coming.

Joanie’s Dilemma is Book #12 in a Series of 13 books by authors in 13 months. For more details on these stories click on the link  Bindarra Creek Romance Series


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Marianne Theresa’s first short story, Hidden Passions is published by Momentum Books

HIDDEN PASSIONS  By Marianne Theresa

Hidden_Passions_Marianne_Theresa FINAL COVER

Chad Whitaker loves a woman he can’t have.
Cally Foster stayed with a man she didn’t love.
Between them, the future seemed doomed. Until an accident forces them to face the regrets of the past, emotions of the present, and the reality of a possible future between them.

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How on earth could she be in his arms?
Didn’t he turn his back on her when he’d taken on that project in Melbourne
two months, one week, and four days ago—not that she was counting?
Ding. The lift arrived to take them up to her apartment.
As they travelled up to her floor she played with the dark strands of hair over- lapping his collar and breathed him in. Her senses tingled from the pleasant tang of his cologne, a spicy mix of musk and cedar.
“You’re quiet?” she said.
Clear green eyes peered down from beneath heavy lids. “You’re wet.” “You smell nice.”
“You stink like an alley rat.”
She huffed with a smile, “You came?”
“You rang.” His mouth lifted with a lopsided grin.
“Touché.” She grinned sheepishly. “I can’t believe you’re here.”
“Where else would I be when I get a call that makes no coherent sense at all?”
“I’m sorry.” Suitably reprimanded, she continued twirling her finger in his hair. “It was cowardly.”

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