Goodbye 2017 – Welcome 2018

Here we are half way through January already and it feels as if 2017 was yesterday. The days go by so fast.

Several members were faced with challenging personal circumstances and as a group, we continue to support each other and hope that 2018 will see an improvement in everyone’s life.

This year, our focus will be on – Finding Balance – such an important ability to master and one that seems to be needed more and more in this fast-paced, hectic world. As women we often place ourselves last; whether its finding those spare moments to write or an hour or two spent pursuing other interests or blessed solitude contemplating our navel. Our aim will be to encourage each other to work out a healthy balance between work, play, family and, of course, writing.

2017 saw many members release new books – which is wonderful. Congratulations everyone for such a wonderful and productive year! I’ll be posting those not already featured on our blog last year, individually and in alphabetical order following this post.

So on behalf of Sandie James and myself, welcome back our lovely group for another awesome year of solid friendship and productive writing!